Profile Filip Meert:

I am a results-oriented and by passion driven management consultant and programme manager. I’m an innovator with more than 15 years of digitalization experience in cross-functional and international change initiatives in multiple industry segments and high-tech environments (Public transport, airlines navigation, (food-)production & supply chain).

I have a do-mentality who finds its “drive” in starting with a blank paper to analyse the strategy of the company, to translate it into a roadmap of changes and introduction of new solutions… and then gets it done by directing transformation processes, leading the change, and executing the program / projects!

My commercial experience makes me a strong negotiator. I create support through interdisciplinary collaboration at every level of an organization, making me a reliable partner for board members as well as being a charismatic lead on the tactical and operational layer.

• I gave already answer to many strategic business transformation needs by introducing innovative digitalisation solutions, by creating new capabilities and/or by creating a continuous improvement culture.
• I have been responsible for large and complex modernization projects, standardization and digitization of processes and implementation of new technologies to create a NWoW for a large group of people
• Implementer of 100 + M € investment initiatives: familiar with budgets, current and forecasts, investment analysis, tendering procedures and negotiations;
• Thorough knowledge of modern management techniques.

• Strong communicator who focuses on very broad skillset (focused on the broader picture, but able to dive into the details when needed);
• I like to inspire and be the guide in the journey from slide to reality;
• Known and respected as a professional who likes to lead by example, who “rolls up the sleeves” and whose successes are attributable to a detailed planning, continuous operational advancements and outstanding relationship skills (see Linked-In feedback from other professionals);
• Outstanding credibility as manager and motivator of teams to provide long-term value from concept to implementation;
• Hands-on caliber and entrepreneurial.