Profile Filip Meert:

I’m an innovator, management consultant and program manager, bringing an experience of over 12 years in large international change initiatives in multiple industry segments, combining a background in engineering with hands-on project and program management skills in complex High-Tec environments.

– Resolved many strategic business problems, systems integration and business transformation issues for multiple customers in the private and public sector.
– Been responsible for many large and complex projects from professionalisation of production- and client oriented environments, uniformisation and digitisation of processes and implementation of new technologies to create a NWoW for a large group of people.
– Executer of 100+M€ investment initiatives: familiar with budgets, actuals and forecasts, investment analysis, contracting and negotiating, tender procedures.
– In-depth knowledge of the modern management-techniques.

– Strong communicator who maintains a focus on a very broad skillset (aiming to envision the bigger picture, but able to dive into the details when required)
– Guide in the journey from “slide” to “reality” many times and with success
– Known and respected as a professional who ‘rolls up the sleeves’ and whose successes are attributable to detailed planning, continuous operational advancements and outstanding relationship skills (See Linked-In feedback of other professionals)
– Outstanding credibility as manager and motivator of teams to provide long-lasting value from concept to implementation
– Hands-on calibre and entrepreneurial personality